Get to Know Us

The idea of Dvini came about during some deep thought.  What would make us truly happy?  Starting our own clothing line of course!  But what will set us apart?  

Geminis are the twin sign.  And like the twin sign, two completely different styles will be represented. Every year the styles will change.  We won't always appeal to your particular fashion.  But we wanted to be able to reach different styles in an organized way.  Each year the styles will be battling it out.  Your style is as multifaceted as you are.  Try something from each one!

We launched July 28, 2018 with the Whimsical Bohemian and the Structured Sleek Collections. 

Dvini's purpose is to bring people together in a celebration of differences. It was incredibly important to start off Dvini with inclusivity in mind.  Our mission is to cultivate love of our differences and to celebrate the things that make us unique.